5 Social Media Techniques that Can Improve Your SEO

5 Social Media Techniques
July 8, 2019 admin0 Comments

Most business owners are still new to digital marketing, which lead them to misunderstand that SEO and social media are separate entities. But, actually, Social media marketing and SEO are two closely linked strategies.  They are both organic, inbound approaches that put emphasis on creating an engaging identity that certainly draws visitors to your website.

  1. Social Media Allows for Content Promotion

A content promotion on social media can is one way to aid your search engine ranking. With the quality SEO-based content you have, social media will help you promote it on numerous channels. Make sure that your content is good so people will stay to read it. With that you will be able to achieve the goal of turning best organic content to social media content, to boost engagement and drive traffic to your site.

2.Social Media Boost Engagement

Social media boost your site’s SEO engagement through increased engagement. Let’s say someone finds your content useful and shares it on a social platform that is engagement! Engagement plays a very important role since it does not only improve your online identity but it also makes connections and generates leads for your business.

3.Social Sharing

Social media is very useful for SEO since it boosts more external sites to link to your content, but ensure that you have a high-quality authoritative content to attract influencers to link it to their websites or blogs.

4.Increase Brand awareness.

Social media contributes to SEO is through increasing brand awareness. Increasing your identity on social media, high-quality content and increased engagement it will lead to increase your online brand presence. With a good online presence will also lead to more branded searches on Google.

5.) Growing your social media followers

Growing your number of followers is indeed a slow process, but nonetheless very effective as long as you are consistent. Ensure that your brand is unique and consistent that uses the same voice to update your followers. Post helpful tips, useful articles and participate in group discussions. This way it will help you attract potential followers.

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