In a Digital Marketing Agency, SEO plant and grow all the hard work everyone has done. They do all the seemingly “magic” that gets the ads to everyone. They are considered as the most valuable members of a Digital Marketing Agency.

What exactly is SEO?

A Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, creates a process of improving website traffic and optimizes search engines. It links to organic results created by the direct traffic and paid traffic. The SEO also analyzes the continually changing market trends and tweaks the connections made to work with search engines more efficiently. Their job doesn’t only end there.

Relevance, Proximity, Prominence

Their job doesn’t only end there. SEO also handles and manages how to implement the ads on the target website and make the necessary corrections more effective. They proactively try out new ways to deliver ads, like adding ways to make the ads interactive and exciting, to potential customers, making the most of the hard work everyone has done. SEOs also try to keep the ads locked into the target market, where people are more likely to contact your business, effectively making ad targeting more efficient.

SEO does all the hard, visible work

SEOs do all the research and analysis too. They become proficient in keyword research. They study what keywords people type into search engines and then adjust the advertising links according to its relevance with the keyword typed into the user’s search engine. They also analyze user experience signals (abbreviated UX signals, the ad ratings from the feedback of those who saw the ad) and tweak the ads according to it.

Without them, what happens to ads?

Without SEOs, the ads created diligently by the rest of the team means nothing. Without them, no ads would reach the screens of customers, the potential market. That would make the whole digital marketing agency useless. That’s why they are the most important members of the digital marketing agency. They are analogous to the people who put up ads in billboards, and just by that fact, you understand their importance. As long as the Internet exists, SEOs will never fall out of favor.

What does DigitalWay offer?

So, what do we have on offer? Here in DigitalWay, we believe we have the best experience-laden SEOs out there, and they get the job done, efficiently, at an affordable price. We assure you that your investment won’t be a waste. Contact us today to get a quote!


With the advent of technology comes a new way to sell, advertise and do business. Online businesses are sprouting everywhere, and in fact, it is more profitable to do online businesses than traditional ones, because it eliminates the costs of renting business spaces. Digital marketing plays a large role in your business’s milestone, progress and awareness in the industry where everybody revolves on the internet. Advanced or Future-oriented websites, active online appearance, and digital marketing strategies have become key to success for companies. However, still, many businesses do not recognize hiring experts to handle their digital marketing tasks.

What does DigitalWay offer?

Accessing the Skills Required For Clients

Developing an in-house organization to look after your digital marketing efforts completion can be upsetting or overwhelming. Every company or business requirements are almost different, and what everybody else is managing might not be suitable for you. Moreover, the skill sets your company requires can be either hard to access or too costly, and it makes no sense to hire someone if you do not need their skills all the time.

Digital marketing requirements and campaigns can vary at different times of the year. For example, your track will focus on SEO and promote branding in the first month of the year. These tasks and preparations can only be done by DigitalWay Marketing more efficiently, implementing the right blend of skills to meet and exceed your campaign objects.


Consistently on Trends

Up-to-date to new strategies and methods in digital marketing and search algorithms. Unless you are a digital marketing specialist, there is no possibility that you’ll get on the lead of it all. It needs so many skill sets, trial and error to do so. Furthermore, there are various facets of digital marketing that you must be accustomed to, while others have never heard of it. They include SEO, social media, email marketing, video, paid ads, contents, and many as the list goes on.


Budget Management

As a Digital marketing agency, we effectively and proactively manage your budget for digital marketing with developed tools and processes carrying out tasks more efficiently and produce great results. Partnering with a competent and reliable agency will help you converge on your other essential business operations, and you can cease knowing they are managing your efforts.


Working with Experts and Professionals

It is advantageous for businesses and companies to hire experts and professionals by putting essential factors into attention. It is necessary to know that if you do not have any digital marketing experts in your company and must consider hiring one. It can be complicated and time-consuming for your workers to understand and perform all the marketing tactics. They will make sure to effectively and efficiently handle all your digital marketing requirements. Your team can concentrate on other business objectives.


Come Partner With Us!

At DigitalWay do all the hard work, from creating the ad to getting it to customers’ screens. We believe we can give you the best quality digital marketing service, and it will show in the influx of customers that will come to you once you invest in us. Contact us today to start!

It can be seen that the world connects through the internet, and social media networks are present in the lives of millions of people around the world. Social media marketing is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which provides incredible benefits to your business by reaching millions of customers worldwide. As the business world keeps on innovating and changing its system, business owners should also adapt to specific changes by expanding its scope when it comes to creating more brand visibility and awareness.

What Is Social Media?

Social media are interactive and computer-based technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, interests across different fields and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. Social media helps you to connect with the customers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your leads and sales.

There are different types of platforms wherein you can use based on purpose and function. Most businesses are using these platforms to introduce their company or product. And actually, it’s an excellent way to encourage viewers to be your next potential customer. Let’s take a closer look at five of the biggest social media platforms today, namely: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Let’s find out how they help your business grow and connect across the globe.

Facebook & LinkedIn

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn fall into the category of social networking. It uses websites and applications to communicate informally with others, find people, and share similar interests. It also allows users or businesses to connect through groups, networks, and location directly. Most companies and businesses have pages on Facebook or a LinkedIn account because it is easier for your customers to connect with you.

It improves customer retention and customer loyalty. Another thing, it is not limited to introduce your product; it can also be used for promotional campaigns. One way to manage your Facebook posts is to use creator studio. It allows you to manage posts, insights and messages from all of your Facebook Pages in one place.


Another popular social media platform is twitter. It falls into microblogging. When we say micro, it has short entries for every post or updates about your brand or business. Twitter allows every user to subscribe to other users’ content, send direct messages, and reply publicly.

It’s a great way also to create and share hashtags to share content about related subjects. Plus, it is an excellent way to engage and interact with customers on a personal level. If Facebook has a creator studio, for twitter and LinkedIn, you can use Tweetdeck. It also allows for the organization of tweets through customizable columns, multiple accounts toggling, scheduling, and automatically refreshing feeds.

Instagram & Pinterest

One of the reasons how a business can attract customers is through the use of images. Instagram and Pinterest is a great tool for you to showcase everything about your business. These platforms enable the user to share photos with others either publicly or privately. It also creates traffic for your business. How? By sharing your contents on social media like Pinterest, you are encouraging users to navigate and visit your website. Therefore, the more quality content you put your account, the more inbound traffic you will generate for your business website.

Highlight With One Click!

Nowadays, having a social media presence allows your business to thrive. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms help your business to grow and build brand awareness. With the advanced technology we have now, almost everyone is using these platforms. Why not engage and boost your business?

Social media platforms provide an opportunity to legitimize your business. Additionally, it allows you to exhibit your expertise in a variety of ways along with the ability to write company bios, share relevant posts and produce quality content that can creatively highlight your company.

What you need to do is take the first step and create a profile. Nothing is impossible when you start using social media. If you don’t know how to start, we can help you! Digital way Marketing consists of digital marketing experts with extensive experience on content production, account management and analysis.

What are SEO Keywords?

SEO keywords are words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, it is also called “search queries. Keywords are clues; they are used in website to draw qualified, organic search traffic. So, it is very important that you should optimize the right keywords to ensure that your searchers are more likely to enter the sales process and convert to customers. Therefore, keyword optimization is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy.


Yes! If your business offers services or products where users search queries to find information, then you should prioritize SEO and with the help of digital marketing services.

Here are the benefits and importance of SEO KEYWORDS

  • Attract relevant traffic to your website: To attract searchers to your site you must optimize the right keywords they are searching
  • Enhances brand visibility: The more keywords your website ranks for, possibility is your brand is visible to your potential customers.
  • Analyze the traffic potential: Analyzing the popularity of keywords helps you the size of a potential online market.
  • Write valuable content: Incorporate optimized keywords into your website, in order to connect directly with the potential customers and attend to their needs.
  • Understand user activities: by analyzing the words that your customers use, you get an idea of their needs and how to service those needs
  • The keywords for website optimization are essential elements and the most active ranking factors for SEO
  • Credibility: Websites that show higher in the search results are viewed as credible.
  • Attract considerable organic traffic for your blog
  • Be competitive: If your business has products/services that can be searched online, then most likely your competitors are already doing SEO. If you really aim to grow your business and be where users are searching, then you should invest in SEO services to compete the tight completion..
  • Cost Effective

Social media becomes one of the most significant aspects of digital marketing. It gives great benefits that help reach millions of customers. No wonder many businesses devote so much attention to social media because it is vital for a successful marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why social media is important for your business.

Increase brand awareness

If you are looking for a stress-free and profitable digital marketing platform that can help increase your business visibility then social media is the answer. To start, you need to create your business social media profiles and connect. By spending a few hours a week in applying your social media strategy can increase your brand visibility and with regular use it will produce a wide audience for your business.


Signing up or creating an account for all social media platforms are for free. No wonder it was considered as the cost-effective in driving your advertising strategy. But you could also opt to paid advertising if it is needed; start small to know the outcomes. As business owner it is important to be cost-effective to divert your resources for other marketing payments.

Connect with your customers

Social media is a great channel to engage and interact with your customers. There are many successful businesses have grown to know their audiences very well. The more you reached out with your customers the more chances of conversion. It is essential to communicate and engage with customers. It is one way to get their attention that will lead to brand awareness without any hassle.

Improved SEO rankings

Social media presence plays a vital factor in calculating rankings. Active social accounts that are connected with your directory listings and website can improve SEO. Also, optimizing your website and sharing high-quality blogs can also boost your business visibility.

Concluding words

It is undeniable that social media marketing provides incredible benefits for both startups and established businesses. With good social marketing strategy it will lead to better SEO, increased traffic, increased brand visibility, and customer satisfaction/

Most business owners are still new to digital marketing, which lead them to misunderstand that SEO and social media are separate entities. But, actually, Social media marketing and SEO are two closely linked strategies.  They are both organic, inbound approaches that put emphasis on creating an engaging identity that certainly draws visitors to your website.

  1. Social Media Allows for Content Promotion

A content promotion on social media can is one way to aid your search engine ranking. With the quality SEO-based content you have, social media will help you promote it on numerous channels. Make sure that your content is good so people will stay to read it. With that you will be able to achieve the goal of turning best organic content to social media content, to boost engagement and drive traffic to your site.

2.Social Media Boost Engagement

Social media boost your site’s SEO engagement through increased engagement. Let’s say someone finds your content useful and shares it on a social platform that is engagement! Engagement plays a very important role since it does not only improve your online identity but it also makes connections and generates leads for your business.

3.Social Sharing

Social media is very useful for SEO since it boosts more external sites to link to your content, but ensure that you have a high-quality authoritative content to attract influencers to link it to their websites or blogs.

4.Increase Brand awareness.

Social media contributes to SEO is through increasing brand awareness. Increasing your identity on social media, high-quality content and increased engagement it will lead to increase your online brand presence. With a good online presence will also lead to more branded searches on Google.

5.) Growing your social media followers

Growing your number of followers is indeed a slow process, but nonetheless very effective as long as you are consistent. Ensure that your brand is unique and consistent that uses the same voice to update your followers. Post helpful tips, useful articles and participate in group discussions. This way it will help you attract potential followers.